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Curriculum Vitae of Sandra HAMEL


* Stage singing negro spirituals and gospel delivered by Didier Likeng Ekoka and Philippe (2011);
* Stage of QI Gong Beumier provided by Philippe (2010);
* Stage of African polyphony provided by N'Faly Kouyaté (2008);
* Stage "The Joy of Singing" given by Catherine Delasalle (2008);
* Training of all klezmer provided by Philippe Leblanc and Walter Meneghello (2007);
* Training of all Cuban popular music provided by Patrice Blanchereau (2007);
* Stage singing provided by Marcelle De Cooman (2006);
* Internship trumpet Gaume Jazz Festival Rossignol Malempré provided by Pierre (2006);
* Stages of physical theater: fusion dance theater voice and music, provided by N. Thouin and J. Snell Carbon 14 (1998);
* Workshop Listening sensitive movement by Françoise Ponthier (1997-98);
* Introductory course offered by the clown Annick Funtowicz;
* Stages of commedia dell 'arte taught by Jean Koerver (IAD Conservatory of Liège), Luca Franceschi (Compagnia dell' Improvviso), Marc Decrollier (grommelo Company), Patrick Brüll ( Brussels);
* Stage Movement voice provided by Françoise Ponthier;
* Courses taught by Philippe improvisation Derlet (league Improvisation Belgium) and improvised.

Theater and entertainment
* Actress / Puppeteer (puppets) in "Tales of Madness" produced by the Theatre Big Bad Wolf Little (2011);
* Actress / Puppeteer (table puppets) in "There's like a glitch! "Produced by the Company Romane Oh! (2011);
* Creating Company Romane Oh (2010)
* Actress / Puppeteer (table puppets and sheath) in "Mina, the ant" produced by the association through walls (2010-2009);
* Actress / Puppeteer (puppets table object) in "Waste without borders" produced by the Company Tightrope (2010-2008);
* Creation of the band "Crac Boum Street" trumpeter (2006-2005);

* Dancer / Echassière in "Gorgons," directed by Marc Francis, co-produced by Tightrope Company, the Company and Maha Humondial Bhara Tatouille (2008-2003)
* Clown "Clowns and Magicians without Borders Belgium" (2003);
* Actress / Echassière in "The Emouvantails", directed by Stéphane Georis, Produced by Tightrope Company (2008-2003);
* Actress / Puppeteer (puppet) in "Lula, white spiritualist," directed by Stéphane Georis produced by the Company Tightrope (2005 - 2003);
* Echassière in "The Dance of the giant dolls" produced by the Company Humondial (2000-2002);
* Echassière in "The post-apocalyptic ultimate magical parade", produced by Magic-Land Theatre (2000-2001);
* Create a team of "Clowns to the hospital" (2000);
* Mamzelle Lolotte through animations "Clowns to the hospital" with the ASBL Round Fables (2000);
* Creation of A. S.B.L. "The Tightrope" (1999);
* Moderator theater for children including the service of youth in the province of Liège (1997-2003);
* Isabelle in "Mouloudie love the pants bar's" commedia dell'arte play, staged by Christophe Herrada (2000);
* Franceschina in "Love Comedy" piece of commedia dell'arte, staging Francy Begasse, produced by grommelo Company tour in Belgium and France (1998);
* Create and tour canvas commedia dell'arte mainly in medieval festivals organized by the Order of Saint-Michel (1997 -1999);
* Various animation and character creation for the Magic Theatre Land (film festival in Brussels, the Iris festival, festivals Romance Woluwe St Lambert, Namur en Mai, Chassepierre ... since 1998).
* Many different roles in comedies (amateur theater Liège 1994-1998)

* A "punk" in "Cineman" Yann Moix with Franck Dubosc (2007);
* A client with a large surface area for Dash and Ariel (2006);
* Ms. Mercier in an advertisement for Crédit Mutuel prepared by Nico Fransolet and Kris Debusscher produced by Armand Hamster Advertising and Production (2004);
* Peter Pan in the pilot episode "The Magic Land Theatre settles accounts" co-produced by the RTBF Land and the Magic Theatre (2002);
* A waitress in an advertisement for Bofferding directed by Lucas Boffuyt produced by Banana Split (2000);
* Interpretation of all female roles in "Crossing the Wind", a short film directed by Bruno and Christian Boustani Coen, produced by Europimages (1999);
* A girl in "Tini" movie directed by Michel Mees with Charles Aznavour and Annie Cordy co-produced by Saga film, RTBF, France 2 and Cipango (1999).

* Trumpet, Ukulele
* Driving license, possession of a vehicle,
* French, Spanish fluency, good knowledge of English.



Curriculum Vitae of Rudy GODIN


Name: Rudy
Age: 41 years
Profession: Actor, animator, musician and singer.
Phone: 0032497450471 (mobile)


Secondary studies at Collège Saint-Louis
Conservatory of Dramatic Arts (Brussels)
Diploma typing evening classes
Certificates in foreign languages: English and Spanish

Training international artistic
1996 Internship in theatrical animation (J-Ph Bottin, France)
1997 Internship "body and voice" (Yoshi Oida, Japan)
1998 Internship in theater texts Belgian authors (J. Nichet, France)
2000 Stage acting for the camera (André Delvaux, Belgian director)
2001-2002 Workshop cinema Ipso Facto (work in front of the camera with Belgian filmmakers)
2003-2005 Workshop on Space Circus Catastrophe, Brussels (several teachers acrobatics and juggling)
2005 Internship in Commedia del Arte (Carlo Boso, Italy)
2009 Workshop in Contemporary Dance, "Contact" and "Fly Low" (M. Tarrazona, Cuzco, Peru)
2010 Internship staged at the Comédie de Saint Etienne (JC Berruti, France).

Experience (plus an actor)
- Director of a cultural association.
- Leader of language courses for teenagers.
- Animator theater, video and music house youth in schools.
- Trainer facilitators.

Additional skills
Experience in cultural diffusion.
Control software: word, excel, power point, photoshop, final cut pro, ...
Languages: French, Spanish, English, Dutch.

Shows (as an actor)
1989 The Miser (Molière), Isabelle, three caravels and a charlatan (Dario Fo), rise and fall of small barbarian kingdoms (Ribes, Worms, Obaldia, Billetdoux)
1990 Malcolm goes (Mr. Udiany) The Characters of La Bruyere (adapted by Mr. Udiany), At sea (V. Mjrozec)
1991 The man on the parapet of the bridge (G. Foissy) MS: JF Noville
Histoire du soldat (Ramuz / Sravinsky) Petit Théâtre de l'Opéra de Liège
 MS: Claire Servais
1992 Macbett (Ionesco), Mistero Buffo (Dario Fo), Caligula (Camus)
1993 A woman at heart too small (Crommelynck), The Negro (D. Van Cauwelaert), The Young Man and Death (Fourmentin), MS: Daniel Henry
1994 Marcel pursued by dogs (Mr. Tremblay), MS: Daniel Henry
Suddenly Last Summer (T.Williams), MS: Daniel Henry
1996 The King dies (Ionesco), Mom returns poor orphan (Grumberg), Light (Mr. Udiany) MS: Francis D'Ostuni
1996-1999 Random Hope and Good Fortune, Théâtre de la Renaissance. MS: Francis D'Ostuni. The Dishes (collective creation) PotauFeu Theatre, If youth loses nothing! MS: Francis D'Ostuni, Théâtre de la Renaissance.
There's a fire in 1998 (O. Coyette) PotauFeu Theatre, Shadow and Child with the clown Elastic (young audience)
1999-2000 Earth (collective creation of the North-South relations) with Cie Transhumance.
MS: Benoit Postic
Bavazaka 2002-2003 (collective creation), MS: O. Coyette, Théâtre de la Renaissance.
Don Quixote, MS: Carlo Boso laugh with Cie (Forain Theatre)
Fables and Tales 2003-2004 rounds down, staging Eddy Krzeptowski to laugh with Cie (Forain Theatre)
Balkan Kafe, MS: Eddy Krzeptowski to laugh with Cie (Forain Theatre)
2005 Gypsies, MS: Carlo Boso laugh with Cie (Forain Theatre)
2008-2011 The Voyage of Kawa, and of Rudy Goddin, show the nomadic origins of coffee.
2012 Morning brown Franck Pavlof, directed by Francis D'Ostuni with the Théâtre de la Renaissance.
A table (collective creation) staging of Sarah Graetz with Cie "Alternative theater" (Forum Theatre)

Movies / TV
1995 Actor in a clip on the Rights of the Child (UNICEF) directed and produced by «K2 Production"
Actor in the 1999 feature film "The Dreamers" directed by S. Willems and produced by "The Pierides' role: Jules
2000 Actor in several short films at the Academy of Fine Arts in Liège. (Belgium)
2000-2006 Actor and writer Sequence Environment in the show "The Niouzz" (RTBF Production)
2003 Director and editor of Outside, short fiction
2004 Actor, director and editor Carlo and Clara, silent film.
2005-2010 Director of several promotional clips for theater.
2005 Director and editor of La Place des Anges clip of the singer "Yaaz" (Team4Action production)
2006 Actor in one-way rentals, Jean-François Guay. (Exhibitor 13 Prod.)
2009 Actor in Spa, Banu Aksek (Frakas Production)
2011 Main actor in "ONLY" feature under Jean-François
Guay. (Exhibitor 13 Prod.)
Opera (included actor)
Manon Lescaut (Puccini) - Carmen (Bizet) - I Pagliacci (Ruggero) - Cavalleria rusticana (Mascagni) - Tales of a beer drinker (Couteure / Jouanest) - Turandot (Puccini)
- The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart) - The Magic Flute (Mozart) - La Belle Hélène (Offenbach) Nabucco (Verdi) - Die Valkyrie (Wagner).

Music (compositions)
Anymore 1995, Album of Fitzcarraldo, rock, songwriter and performer of 12 tracks
1996 The Dream of a Summer Night (Shakespeare) theater composer and performer of 8 tracks.
2000 The Negro (Vancauwelaert), theater composer and performer of five titles.
Azerty 2004, Album "Yaaz" French rock composer 4 titles.
2006 The Fairies Flowers (Co. 4 Seasons) street theater, composition and work on
songs, 5 titles.
2009 The Little Carousel handmade (Co. 4 Seasons), composer, arranger and performer, CD 12 tracks.
2010 The Voyage of the Kawa (PotauFeu Theatre) Show musical composition and performance of 8 tracks.
2011 "there’s like a glitch !" (Sandra Hamel) Puppets, songwriter of 5 tracks.

Stage (theater workshops)
For over 10 years, Rudy has traveled associations, schools, the socio-cultural backgrounds, youth centers, private tutoring, training centers to realize many projects theater workshops, there were results every time as show ...
Here are a few titles:
Exercises Styles (R. Quenaud), The True Story of the lost message (creation), Ubu
King (Jarry) Celibacy: silent or not? (Creation), The Teen worships the Adult (creation), Lives
Singular (creation), Fables Spectacle (La Fontaine), To be or not to be Bourge (adaptation
Molière's Bourgeois Gentilhomme), The King of Good (around creation stories), No
Man's Land (creation) Hide it in! (Collection of texts on women) ...

1996-2005 (Staging project workshops)
2007 staging of the show: "The Journey of Kawa"
2011 "there’s like a glitch !" (Sandra Hamel) Puppets, staging.